Daisy Duck: The Other Duck}

Daisy Duck: The Other Duck


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Daisy Duck, as it happens, was created around 1920. Daisy’s brother married Donald’s twin sister, Della Thelma Duck, and together, they became the parents of Huey, Dewey, and Louie, which is why the triplets call her “Aunt Daisy”. In the early days, she wore a red dress and had a bow in her hair. Daisy Duck became Donald Duck’s girlfriend in 1940, after his regrettable affair with Donna Duck in 1937. Daisy became Donald’s new neighbor and potential love interest. She was seemingly soft spoken, but had a fiery temper and Donald often found himself at the receiving end of it. Donna returns from time to time, to ignite the jealousy between Daisy and Donald.

Donald himself had a volatile temper, as was evident by his “Donald Tames His Temper” (1946), wherein Daisy demands he learns anger management as a New Year’s Resolution. She was often seen wearing a pink dress and indigo bow. As their relationship matured, Donald tried to become whatever type of male Daisy wanted. Donald tries to be a door-to-door salesman, but his customers can’t understand him. Daisy tells him to have faith, and after he gets some voice pills, he feels confident to ask her to marry him. But he loses the pills and a cow accidentally takes them, and his old voice returns and he is never willing to drum up the courage to propose to Daisy.

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When his cousin Gladstone Gander starts having eyes for Daisy, she tries to reason with Gladstone and Donald. She ends up dating both of them while they both try to gain her affection by embarrassing each other. For several years it often looks like Gladstone has the upper hand, but in a contest where the man who hunts the most turkeys gets to have dinner with Daisy, who has won a beauty contest. When Daisy becomes faint Donald is the one left nursing her, while Gladstone who won the contest gets stuck having dinner with the ugly runner-up.

In the 1950’s, the trendsetting Daisy wears a lot of wigs and outfits, short, curly hair with a bow that’s much smaller than before. She was given a leading role in “Daisy Duck’s Diary” a series that continues today in Italy. In the 1970’s, her appearance started changing, a yellow dress and green bow, a waitress-look-alike outfit, with a blue bow and long ponytail. She now sports her purple dress and bow, yellow earrings and a short ponytail, the look familiar to theme park visitors. In 1996, the television series Quack Pack turned her into a career woman television reporter that sports a more becoming wardrobe and hairstyle.

Through the years, Daisy has proven herself to be a star with earning power, and Donald’s love interest for life. Disney Movie Club has the movies you will fall in love with featuring all the renown Disney characters, including Donald’s girlfriend, Daisy Duck.

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