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Weight Loss Surgery In Arkansas}

Weight Loss Surgery in Arkansas


Craig B. Thompson

Arkansas offers its people unparalleled opportunities to enjoy life through its natural beauty, its friendly business climate, and its wealth of fine dining. Sadly, with the last of these, another opportunity presents itself: the opportunity to gain weight. In fact, here in the Natural State, some 63% of the population is overweight or obese.

And theres nothing natural about obesity, which is the condition of being significantly above ones healthy weight. Obesity destroys lives. It is the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States, and may lead to other life-threatening illnesses, called co-morbidities, such heart disease, high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, and even cancer. In fact, many scientists and physicians believe that the obesity epidemic is the most serious health threat facing the population of our state.

Dealing with Obesity

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Living with obesity is a struggle. Fad diets, exercise programs, or so-called weight-loss pills are the traditional treatments folks here often try in their attempts to lose significant weigh. Sadly, however, most quickly regain the lost weight later on.

Fortunately, the people of our state are fighting back against the epidemic of obesity. The Arkansas 5 a Day Coalitions has begun a Worksite Challenge: Fit with 5 program that focuses on increasing physical activity in the workplace and better eating habits. The Arkansas Diabetes Control Program is a partnership between pharmaceutical manufacturers and state agencies to offer face-to-face diabetes self-management training from trained diabetes educators, who show patients how to make healthy changes in their life. And on the prevention front, the state legislature recently enacted Act 1220, a comprehensive program for public schools in our state that is designed to establish health eating and lifestyle habits in children at risk from obesity. The Act mandates increased physical education levels for all students, and issues parents a BMI-based weight report card along with regular grade assessments to help them keep up with their childrens health.

For the dangerously obese, another option exists: weight loss surgery. Surgical weight loss procedures also known as bariatric surgery — have been proven to help ease (and in some cases completely resolve) obesity-related health problems for individuals with a body mass index of 35 or higher and one or more co-morbidities, which are health conditions related to obesity. It can also help those who are obese but have no co-morbidities to reach their ideal weight and lessen their chances of developing obesity-related health problems down the road.

About Weight Loss Surgery

The three main types of weight loss surgery are malabsorptive, restrictive and combination surgery, each with different risks and benefits. Malabsorptive procedures alter the patients intestinal tract, changing the way it absorbs calories and nutrients; restrictive procedures create a small stomach pouch that limits the amount of food needed for the patient to feel full; and combination procedures create a small stomach pouch and alter the intestinal tract.

Weight loss surgery is only a part of the comprehensive medical treatment of obesity. Patients who fail to alter their lifestyles after surgery may regain any weight lost. Those considering bariatric surgery to manage their obesity should consult with their physician regarding the risks and possible outcomes of these procedures before making a decision.

Considering Surgical Weight Loss

For those with morbid obesity or with co-morbidities, weight loss surgery can be a true lifesaver. It is not, however, magic. Recovery from obesity is a whole-life process, and the only way to beat it is with medical treatment, lifestyle changes and, if necessary, with surgery.

Weight loss surgery in Arkansas

is a growing trend, since 63% of the state population is overweight or obese. Visit online website for

Weight Loss Surgery


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Weight Loss Surgery in Arkansas

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