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Indian Furniture: What Is A Charpoy?}

Indian Furniture: What is a Charpoy?



One of the better known members of the Indian furniture family, the charpoy has been around for quite some years. Read on to know more about this traditional Indian bed.

The Indian culture is vast and diverse, and almost every aspect connected to India has some part of the Indian customs and traditions that are so famous. In the same manner, Indian furniture has a special place in the vast and vibrant cultures and traditions of the world. There are several pieces of Indian furniture that are iconic and well known all over the world. Here is a brief description and introduction of the charpoy, the poor mans king-size bed in rural India.

The Charpoy, also spelt at the charpai, and pronounced as ch- aar – paa – iee is basically a square or rectangular structure that rests on four legs. The rectangular structure acts as a frame that is strung together with coir ropes. The coir ropes are tied to the frame quite tightly, so that the base becomes strong and comfortable enough for a person to sleep or sit on. The charpoy is still a very common site in India. Many people who visit rural India will remember the stringed bed which they wondered would hold their strength or not.

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The history of the Charpoy or when it was first built is not known, but what is certain is that it is one of the most comfortable beds that you would ever get at a reasonable price. People can either sleep on the coir stringed base, or put a large cushion on it. The charpoy has a lot of resistance and will not break at the seams unless it is used in an unnatural manner.

While the old, traditional charpoy in itself is a great way to add the Indian touch to your house, the modern charpoys are a picture of comfort and elegance. The modern day charpoys have bases that are strung together using different materials – like cotton strings, or plastic strings, etc. also, they have a better finishing and look and feel to them, which make them usable with any kind of furniture of themed house that you might be thinking of.

The charpoy is just one of the several types of Indian furniture that you will come across. While buying the charpoy, make sure that the quality of the wood that is used, or the string that is used to tie the base together is of good quality. If you are not comfortable with the wooden material, you may also opt for a charpoy that has an iron or steel base and uses plastic or cotton string to tie up the base.

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Indian Furniture: What is a Charpoy? }

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Recognizing Genuine Antique Furniture

Recognizing genuine antique furniture


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In a world where modernism seems to be taking over an enduring passion for antique furniture however remains. Antiques as they are commonly referred to are always sought after with many paying exorbitant amounts to own one.

What is the secret to the popularity of antiques? Well for one it could be the sheer hand done craftsmanship that provided an everlasting uniqueness to the pieces. The quality of the craftsmanship cannot be denied and having even one piece of antique furniture in your home can make such a difference. Unlike the carbon copies that are churned out today, Victorian antique furniture are works of art. The sheer details make them an aesthetic pleasure to behold. However, that is not all, as these pieces have come through the centuries and proved their durability. They can be used today as they were at the time they were created.

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For some the study of antique furniture goes beyond passion. Recognising a genuine piece such as William and Mary antique furniture can bring satisfaction beyond description. Nowadays, nearly everything is done by machinery or people with no passion for craft and it has become norm to copy the beauty of genuine antiques to create what is known as modern antiques . It is very important to be aware of the difference and read up on the feature of genuine antiques such as Queen Ann Antiques so as not to be duped.

Research on the different styles and what to look for in a genuine article, such as which period had the most ornate furniture, which period introduced the padding for more comfortable furniture, those with more splayed legs to prevent toppling. For instance William and Mary antique furniture chairs had more curved backs, while the Queen Anne furniture has a more delicate finish. Queen Anne antiques also reflect old England s fascination with the orient and the use of walnut wood.

As auctions are a common way to obtain antique furniture it is vital to be knowledgeable on the different types so as to be able to recognize a genuine piece. However, it is always safer to buy your antique furniture from a reputed and recognized antique dealer to guarantee your purchase. With a reputed dealer you know that you will be the proud owner of a piece of furniture that has its origins in the 17th or 18th century and can be passed down through your family for generations to come.


Victorian antique furniture


William and Mary antique furniture

or Queen Anne antique furniture if you need help to identify genuine antique furniture.

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