The Three Stages Of The History Of Add/Adhd

The Three Stages of The History of ADD/ADHD


Dr Kenny Handelman

The history of ADD/ADHD has gone through two stages, and it needs to evolve into one more. The three stages are:

Stage 1: The Moral Diagnosis

Stage 2: The Medical Diagnosis

Stage 3: The Strength Based Diagnosis

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Stage 1: The Moral Diagnosis: For most of the 20th century (and still in many parts of the world today), ADD was a ‘moral diagnosis’. This refers to the fact that people with ADD were considered to just be ‘bad’. They were judged as weak, inadequate, and they needed to try harder. This was a dark time for the understanding of ADD. This view of the diagnosis is restrictive, negative and perpetuates shame and guilt. Although the field of ADD has moved past the stage of the ‘moral diagnosis’, unfortunately it is still around today. The press frequently reports on how ADD is due to bad parenting, weakness of character or even music videos. There is no evidence to support these beliefs (or any social causes at all) and we strongly believe that everyone needs to get far past this view of ADD. The advent of new scientific research has led to a newer understanding of ADD, which brought out the second stage…

Stage 2: The Medical Diagnosis: The Medical Diagnosis of ADD refers to the newer research which documents that ADD is in fact a real medical condition. New research in brain imaging, genetics and neuropsychology clearly established that people with ADD have differences in their brains… and these are highly related to genetics. Thus, ADD has been recognized as a real medical condition.

This new stage in the evolution of the diagnosis of ADD has led to more scientific research, and more support for the medication treatment for ADD. This stage has largely led to significant progress in the field of ADD. It has generally improved options for medical and non medical treatments, and has led to improvements in functioning and the quality of life for those with ADD.

Ideally, this stage of ‘medical diagnosis’ would have eradicated the ‘moral diagnosis’. Unfortunately, it hasn’t completely eradicated this view ‘ as mentioned above. Almost everyone considers the evolution of the diagnosis from a moral one to a medical one to be significant progress in the field.

However, there is a ‘dark side’ to the medical diagnosis. The ultimate limitation of this stage of ADD is that the medical diagnosis stage establishes the belief that people with ADD are flawed, and they have a pathology which is negative. They have ‘deficits’. This leads us to the direction that the field needs to move toward ‘ the natural evolution for ADD:

Stage 3: The Strength Based Diagnosis

This stage in the history of ADD as not yet taken hold. One could say that it is in fact a paradigm shift ‘ which we advocate the field to move toward. There are some practitioners and experts out there who are on the ‘leading edge’ and are already working in this paradigm. However, they are generally few and far between. The basics of the ‘strength based diagnosis’ include the fact that ADD has gifts within it. These are gifts which can be difficult to unwrap, and are based on the strengths that many people with ADD have.

While many medical diagnoses are considered to have no positive side (i.e. what is the ‘gift’ of arthritis, or heart disease?), when the diagnosis of ADD is made ‘ because it is in the mind ‘ it surprisingly does have gifts within it.

Right within and intermingled with the core symptoms of ADD are the gifts ‘ but you have to look for them (also nurture & unwrap them)… – An inattentive mind can be great at multi-tasking – A mind which moves rapidly from one topic to another seemingly ‘inattentive’ can see things in a way which others don’t ‘ great for ‘out of the box’ thinking – An impulsive mind which isn’t afraid of taking risks ‘ can be brave enough to innovate, and lead the world in new directions – The level of creativity in the ADD brain can be awe-inspiring – …if it is nurtured properly – And there are many more gifts within ADD if they can be ‘unwrapped’

In summary, the new paradigm for ADD is that there are strengths in it ‘ and we need to find those strengths, build on them, and change the lives of those touched by ADD and ADHD.

Dr. Kenny Handelman is a Psychiatrist who is a specialist in ADD and ADHD. He is co-author with Dr. Edward Hallowell of a FREE special report called: Find the Genius in ADD. You can download your copy right now, by going clicking here:

Find The Genius In ADD


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Acting teacher and director Milton Katselas dies at age 75

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 

Acting teacher and director Milton Katselas died Friday at age 75, after suffering from heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. He began the Beverly Hills Playhouse in 1978 and taught acting classes there to noted actors including George Clooney and Gene Hackman. Katselas is survived by a sister and two brothers.

Katselas directed an off-Broadway production of Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story, and received a Tony Award nomination for his 1969 direction of Butterflies are Free. Actress Blythe Danner won a Tony Award for her role in Butterflies are Free under Katselas’ direction. He moved to California to direct the film version of that play, and went on to direct films and television movies. Actress Eileen Heckart received an Academy Award for her role in the film version of Butterflies are Free.

Katselas directed the San Francisco and Los Angeles productions of the play P.S. Your Cat Is Dead! by playwright James Kirkwood, Jr. In his author’s notes in the publication of the script, Kirkwood acknowledged Katselas, and wrote that the plays were “directed with incredible energy and enthusiasm by Milton Katselas, to whom I am extremely indebted”.

Katselas directed the television movie Strangers: Story of a Mother and Daughter, and actress Bette Davis received an Emmy Award for her role in the movie. Katselas taught many famous actors including Michelle Pfeiffer, Richard Gere, Robert Duvall, Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, Goldie Hawn, Christopher Walken, Burt Reynolds, George C. Scott, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Alec Baldwin, and Patrick Swayze. Katselas was credited with being able to nurture actors with raw talent so that they could develop strong Hollywood careers. He utilized innovative techniques in his courses – one course called “Terrorist Theatre” had a simple premise: successfully get an acting role within six weeks or leave the course.

He grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to parents who had immigrated from Greece, and graduated from Carnegie Mellon. He studied acting with Lee Strasberg in New York at the Actors Studio, and received advice from directors Joshua Logan and Elia Kazan.

Katselas was a prominent Scientologist, and a July 2007 profile on Katselas in The New York Times Magazine observed that some of his students stopped taking courses at the Beverly Hills Playhouse because they felt they had been pressured to join the Church of Scientology. According to the article, Katselas credited Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard “for much of his success in life”, and one of his students works at Scientology’s Celebrity Centre. The article commented that some in Los Angeles view the Beverly Hills Playhouse as “a recruitment center for Scientology”.

Katselas met L. Ron Hubbard after moving to California, and began studying Scientology in 1965. The New York Times Magazine reported that he had reached the level of “Operating Thetan, Level 5, or O.T. V.” in 2007. According to The New York Times Magazine when Scientologists proceed up the “The Bridge to Total Freedom” they learn the story of Xenu, and that: “75 million years ago the evil alien Xenu solved galactic overpopulation by dumping 13.5 trillion beings in volcanoes on Earth, where they were vaporized, scattering their souls.” A Church of Scientology publication, Source, lists Katselas as reaching O.T. V. in 1989.

Though some actors felt pressured to join the Church of Scientology after taking courses at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, at least one individual felt Katselas was not active enough with the organization. Actress Jenna Elfman left the Beverly Hills Playhouse because she felt Katselas was not committed enough to Scientology. Katselas had previously directed Elfman in half of Visions and Lovers: Variations on a Theme, two one-act plays about relationships that he had written himself. In 1999 Katselas had planned to adapt the script of Visions and Lovers to a film version, and Elfman was set to reprise her role from the play. In an article in Variety about the project, Elfman commented on her experience working with Katselas: “He is brilliant, and knows me so well as a person and an actress that he gets the most out of me.”

Other prominent Scientologist actors who have studied under Katselas include Giovanni Ribisi, Jason Lee, and Leah Remini. According to Rolling Stone, Katselas also recruited actress Kelly Preston to Scientology. Actress Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson), told Scientology publication Celebrity that Katselas motivated her to get more active in Scientology, and she stated she took the organization’s “Purification Rundown” and her life “took off completely”.

Anne Archer was introduced to Scientology while studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, as was former Scientologist and now outspoken critic actor Jason Beghe. Beghe told Roger Friedman of FOX News in April 2008 that “He [Katselas] gets kickbacks”, and that he was brought to a Scientology center by fellow Beverly Hills Playhouse classmate Bodhi Elfman, Jenna Elfman’s husband. In a 1998 article for Buzz Magazine, Randye Hoder wrote “In his class, Katselas is careful not to label anything as a tenet of Scientology, but there is no question that the church’s influence seeps into the playhouse.”

Anne Archer’s husband and fellow Scientologist, producer Terry Jastrow, commented to The New York Times Magazine that Katselas changed the way he experiences life on a day-to-day basis: “I go out in the world and look at human behavior now. I see a woman or man interacting with a saleslady, and I see the artistry in it. Life is an endless unspooling of art, of acting, of painting, of architecture. And where did I learn that? From Milton.”

Actor Anthony Head of Buffy the Vampire Slayer spoke highly of Katselas in a 2002 interview with San Francisco Chronicle: “He’s this wonderfully intuitive teacher and his premise is basically: The only real barriers are the ones we put in front of ourselves. If you say, ‘My character wouldn’t do that’ — bollocks! Ultimately it’s you who wouldn’t say that. Who knows what your character might do.” In the acknowledgements of her 2004 autobiography Are You Hungry, Dear?: Life, Laughs, and Lasagna, actress Doris Roberts wrote: “I thank my friend and acting teacher, the incredible Milton Katselas, for his insights, wisdom, and inspiration, which have helped make me the actress that I am.”

Katselas authored two books: Dreams Into Action: Getting What You Want, first published in 1996 by Dove Books, and Acting Class: Take a Seat, which came out earlier this month. Dreams Into Action, a New York Times Bestseller, sought to modify motivational acting exercises to the field of business.

In an interview in the 2007 book Acting Teachers of America, Katselas commented on his experiences as an acting teacher over the years: “I have very special teachers here at the Beverly Hills Playhouse—some have been with me for over twenty-five years. I believe that to make a difference over the long haul, we need to train teachers. I really care about the craft of acting. It’s absolutely necessary to take the time and patience to really develop an actor.”

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Man is waiting for 139 days in front of theater for “Star Wars” movie

Saturday, January 15, 2005 

Jeff Tweiten, a 27-year-old graphic artist, is encamped in front of the Cinerama Theatre, on a blue sofa, in the northwest city of Seattle, Washington. Tweiten plans to wait 139 days for the premiere of “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith,” which opens May 19, 2005.

He has received help from a community of friends and local business people who have supplied changes of clothes, coffee, food, and a nearby restroom.

City authorities have chosen not to enforce vagrancy laws that would force Tweiten to move between the hours of 7AM and 9PM local time.

Tweiten also camped out for the previous two episodes of the Star Wars movies, “Episode I” and “Episode II”.

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Fantastic Newark Air Train Service

Fantastic Newark AirTrain Service


anna lily368

The low-cost, low-stress, low-impact way to Newark Liberty Airport, is AirTrain Newark. AirTrain Newark is a monorail service that was originally planned for inter-terminal travel between Newark Liberty International Airport and Newark Liberty International Train Station located on the Northeast Corridor (NEC) rail line of New Jersey Transit and Amtrak. In 2007, construction began to upgrade and extend the service to add the Northeast Corridor in its destinations. This system became fully functional on October 21, 2001.

Newark International Airport being one of the busiest, in 2007 the average daily passengers numbered for the AirTrain was 4,930. The train is free to most passengers except for the ones travelling to or from Amtrak and New Jersey transit stations. When this was the case, the train fare is included in the ticket price of passengers. Those frequent travellers who hold monthly pass of the New Jersey Transit are liable to pay extra $5.50 to board AirTrain, unless they set Newark Liberty International Airport as the origin or destination stop of their pass.

YouTube Preview Image

Among other facilities, there are fixed-interval automated announcements to inform the Newark riders about the current flights on terminals A, B and C. This ensures they never miss their intended terminal.

The train pits at three major stations, designated for each of the Airport s terminals (A, B & C). These stations are built on top of the respective terminals to allow easy access and to save time. The other stops AirTrain does all through its 3-Mile (4.8 km) track include the Parking Lots and rental car facilities (P1, P2, P3 & P4) and the Northeast Corridor, for a total of eight stops.

Newark AirTrain and all its affiliated services are operated and administered by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which also operate the Newark Liberty International Airport and AirTrain JFK.

Anna Lily is the resource writer for


. A website dedicated to provide you information about the Best

New York limousine


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Four people shot in parking lot of Wal-Mart store north of Austin, Texas

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 

Witnesses heard gunshots in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Cedar Park, Texas, near Highway 183, on Sunday morning. Police arrested eighteen year-old Soloman Onwukaife at the scene. Four, including the gunman who had facial wounds unrelated to the shooting, are being treated for injuries after the incident. A fifth victim has been released.

Cedar Park Police Captain Mike Harmon said authorities arrived at the parking lot around 4:30 AM local time. There they arrested Onwukaife, who has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The Cedar Park Wal-Mart was closed down briefly on Sunday morning; however, no staff or customers were injured.

Police have released the names of the victims, eighteen-year-old Cody McGrath, nineteen-year-old Shayne Davis, nineteen-year-old Zacharia Gietl and 22-year-old Leland McGlocklin. As-of Monday, Gietl has been released from hospital whilst the others remain in critical, but stable, condition. Police informed media the incident occurred follwing a dispute which began at a nearby party where alcohol was being served. After moving the fight to the parking lot, Onwukaife is alleged to have shot the four victims.

Onwukaife was expected to be released on Monday, after which he would immediately be jailed. Police advised media the investigation is on-going and more charges may still be filed. Specifically, Police are trying to determine if any other participants in the fight were armed.

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Car bomb defused in central London

Friday, June 29, 2007 

A car containing an large explosive device has been defused in the Haymarket, London. A second device was later found in a car park in Park Lane.

A car, a light metallic green Mercedes-Benz E Class saloon (produced 1984-1995), parked near the nightclub ‘TigerTiger’, contained petrol, gas cylinders and nails. Police described it as a “potentially viable explosive device”.

Police carried out a controlled explosion at 2:00 a.m. BST and the car has been taken to a forensic explosives laboratory for further investigation.

Eyewitnesses saw the car driving “erratically” and colliding with bins before being abandoned. An ambulance crew in the area alerted police after seeing smoke inside the car.

Deputy Assistant Police Commissioner Peter Clarke said there could have been “significant injury or loss of life”.

A meeting of COBRA, chaired by new Home Secretary Jacqui Smith was held about the incident.

Police say it is too early to tell who is behind the threat. Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the country faces a “serious and continued security threat” and urged people to “be vigilant at all times”.

Disruption has been caused to transport in the area with roads closed and bus routes diverted. Piccadilly Circus tube station has reopened after an earlier closure

Police are reviewing major events to be held in London over the weekend.

CBS News has reported that a message appeared on the widely used jihadist Internet forum Al-Hesbah at 8:09 a.m. June 28, saying: “Today I say: Rejoice, by Allah, London shall be bombed.” The message went on to mention the recently announced knighthood of Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie.

Following an incident at Glasgow airport, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced the elevation of the UK’s national threat level from “Severe” to “Critical”, indicating that an attack could be expected “imminently”.

Two people have been arrested in Cheshire in connection with the Glasgow International Airport attack and attempted London car bombings.

Park Lane was closed to the public due to a suspicious car parked in the underground car park beneath Hyde Park. Police, who believed the two incidents to be linked, cordoned off Park Lane and Hyde Park to allow the bomb disposal unit access to the vehicle. The car was illegally parked on Cockspur Street and was towed to the pound on Park Lane, it was then discovered that the car contained an explosive device.

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Common Errors To Avoid Once You Buy Window Blinds

Submitted by: Rocky Pemelton

Often you get some thing that you would regret later. This takes place when you impulsively obtain things with no discovering out in case you genuinely need them. Acquiring window blinds is not an exception. Blunders do take place even in getting window blinds for your home. Luckily, these are errors that may very easily be avoided if you so want. Just before embarking on purchasing window blinds, you need to understand that you’ll find prevalent errors that men and women often commit once they purchase window blinds. Go through every single of these errors and steer clear of them when shopping for your window blinds. Whenever you prevent these blunders, you are assured that you will not regret your purchases later simply because you got the best there was.

One of the common blunders is organizing, buying and installing your window blinds with out consulting an individual. In case you are not conversant in deciding on window blinds that could blend and harmonize with the general style of your home, then this may well prove disastrous plus a waste of cash on your part. It is best for you to consult an interior designer or an professional on home d cor to assists you in picking the perfect window blinds for your home. Neglecting to get the exact measurements of the windows may well result in getting the wrong size. Whenever you plan to buy window blinds, steer clear of the error of buying window blinds that would not fit.

YouTube Preview Image

Yet another prevalent mistake isn’t shopping around to compare prices and top quality. There are various window blinds option and possibilities that you need to look into to generate an informed selection. In not performing so, you might end up paying more than what you’re supposed to spend. You need to compare solutions from a variety of traders to get your requirement and the best get readily available in the marketplace at the least fees to you. It is not a guaranty even though that the least expensive would be the best selection; you need to take into account the quality and the durability. Compare costs from one retailer using the other individuals or get quotations from different retailers to decide the cheapest supply using the highest quality.

Taking for granted the type, orientation and color scheme of the residence is one error that is definitely typically committed when individuals obtain window blinds. Once you do not assess your home well in terms of windows orientation, house type and the residence color scheme, the tendency is you will buy window blinds that do not complement your house and its overall appearance. If you’d like to purchase the precise window blinds that happen to be required in your home as to color, use and complementation with your home sort, then take time to study your home and what types and colors would complement it. The form of window blinds you get needs to blend in style and color with your home.

For you to become able to buy the perfect window blinds for your home, you have to ensure that you work about the widespread errors that individuals commit once they purchase their window blinds. Keep away from these widespread errors to avoid wasting dollars and effort, not to mention, the impact on your home s look of the wrong acquire you would have made. Take your time, do not rush things up. Go one step at a time so that you will not stumble and commit the error that other people did. Even if you think you have the knack of acquiring window blinds, it is nonetheless best to get advice from an expert.

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Want To Save Money And Have A Great Looking Bathroom?

By Steve Dolan

It’s about time to give the bathroom a good makeover. So you have decided it would be fun to do some bathroom decorating on your own. You have taken this decision because you enjoy decorating and because it’s cheaper than hiring expensive professionals. But you don’t know a lot about bathroom decorating. It is important that the bathroom looks good, so what you need are some good bathroom decorating tips.

In order to transform your outdated, or cold and uninteresting bathroom into a stylish and relaxing sanctuary, try picking a theme. Hunt through some magazines, stores or catalogues to see what bathroom decorating themes might be readily available. Following contemporary bathroom decorating trends while maintaining individual taste and style can be achieved with a little research and some imagination.

Go for a Classic Theme and Augment for each Season

A great idea is starting with a basic, classic bathroom theme, and then change it every season. For instance, you can add a floral shower curtain in spring, richer colored accent rugs in the summer.

Modify the colors in the dcor to match the fall, and add a fleur of the winter festivities with different types of bathroom ware. Many of us enjoy frequent changes because it creates the element of surprise, which brings excitement to our lives and builds the mood we desire. With this type of design you can also add in special holiday themes such as Halloween and Christmas.

YouTube Preview Image

Going to the Beach

We all love the beach, so why not bring the beach home with a beach style bathroom theme. You can choose from a variety of different bathroom accessories that have beach themes to complete the bathroom’s look.

This design is easy to implement; try a sky blue color on the wall, or go for a neutral, sandy sort of brown, the lighter the better. Add a little art on the walls, something subtle sch as a picture of a boat or palm trees, or even a photograph of an actual beach.

Next try some blue towels to help pull the theme together. For that special touch with this bathroom decorating idea, try to find a window treatment that has a light wood tone to it. This will add a natural look that giving you an outdoor feel while still seeming open.

Try the Retro Style

A vintage retro look can give your bathroom an old-time flair that makes it a room to talk about, and visit in your home. The right pedestal sink and matching or complementary tiling can really help to bring this bathroom decorating idea together.

There are websites, magazines and local stores that can help you to make your bathroom decorating idea become a reality. Oh, and don’t forget the fixtures! For a great art deco bathroom look, make sure you get sleek, polished fixtures to add the shine this look requires. They are even making brand new new claw-foot tubs now!

For a Something Special Night

You can try a new bathroom theme for decorating just for one evening in order to create a relaxing atmosphere or a romantic one. It’s not too difficult to do. For a relaxing evening in the bathroom just run a bath, light up some aroma candles, use a few drops of essential oils like lavender, and put on some soothing music.

Setting up for a romantic evening is very similar, but you will be sharing the tub with your partner. Lucky you!! So the essential oils should be made out of jasmine instead of lavender, and any amount of candles and the music of choice will complete the romantic bathroom theme.

For more information on bathroom decorating tips, take a look at various home decorating magazines or home living magazines for ideas. There’s an abundance of information out on the web too. With some good research and a little effort you are bound to find the perfect theme for your bathroom.

About the Author: Steve Dolan has undertaken extensive home remodelling over the past 10 years. Learn how to take on remodelling projects at

and redo your bathroom at


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Comparing Plastic With Wood Pallets: Which Could Be The Better Pallet After All?

Comparing Plastic With Wood Pallets: Which Could Be The Better Pallet After All?


Matt Troy

First of all, check which type of pallets would benefit you or your business the most. In case you do not know, there is actually a wide assortment of pallets that you may choose from especially if you have countless of materials or items that you would want to store or transport without any trouble. Here are just some more things that you might need to know about regarding pallets including each of their features and benefits:

1. Wooden Pallet

These are very easy to make. As a matter of fact, you will only need to gather some used timber or wood and you can already have them as your recycled wooden pallets. But then this type of pallets tends to decompose much faster compared to the other types of pallets available in the market. Before you finally make up your mind as to which kind of pallet you would like to buy, make it a point that you consider some of the most essential things before making the purchase.

YouTube Preview Image

2. Essential Things To Consider Before Buying

First, how safe are your pallets going to be in cases of fire? How about sustainability, how long do you see your pallets staying with you? Are they really strong and therefore, durable? Or perhaps, are they flexible and therefore, more practical? Check these things out and before finally deciding on the one you will choose, make sure that you have also considered the costs that buying the said pallets will incur you.

3. Plastic Pallet

If you will decide to go for the plastic pallets, expect that there will be more chances of getting burned right away in any instance of fire. That is why manufacturing companies have already initiated that there be fire retardant chemicals in all pallets so that the hazards of fire may be prevented, if not totally eliminated. Deca-bromine is actually the chemical agent that is normally infused in the plastic pallets in preparation for fire accidents.

4. How About Reparability?

Another aspect that you should look into when choosing the pallets you will use for your business would be that of reparability. Can the plastic pallets be repaired at all? As a matter of fact, from these two types of pallets, take note that only those made from wood or timber can be repaired. Although both types of pallets are recyclable; so if you are looking for eco-friendly pallets, then you should try looking for the reclaimed or recycled pallets that could be either made from plastic or wood.

Bottom-line of all this is, wood pallets are much easier and simpler to make compared to the plastic pallets. Although it will take more trees to make a single pallet, it is still a lot easier to create your own pallets unlike the plastic type which will necessitate a more specialized equipment to produce them. Last but not least, there is more durability and flexibility with the wooden pallets as when compared against the plastic ones. Plastic pallets are usually brittle and irreparable making its role somewhat limited. Explore for more information.

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Differences Between Granite And Marble In Michigan

Submitted by: Andy R. Applewhite

First, it is worthy to state that both marble and granite in Michigan products are good buys. They are all elegant and durable. It all depends on your taste and preference. Nevertheless, salient differences are clear both outwardly and inwardly.

First, it is worthy to state that both marble and granite in Michigan products are good buys. They are all elegant and durable. It all depends on your taste and preference. Nevertheless, salient differences are clear both outwardly and inwardly.

Composition and Mineral Makeup

Granite is an igneous rock. This implies that its formation involves intense heat. Granite in Michigan is moulded through the solidification of molten magma. Granite is largely composed of: Plagioclase feldspar, Potassium feldspar and quartz- in different proportions. It comes in different colours largely due to its mineralogy.

YouTube Preview Image

Marble in Michigan on the other hand is a crystalline rock formed through the process of metamorphism. Sedimentary rocks such as dolomite rock and limestone undergo the process of metamorphosis whereby they change in structure as their mineral grains are crystallized anew. The end product is a marble rock which is used in the making of kitchen marble countertops in Michigan, floor tiles, etc.


Owing to the fact that granite in Michigan is formed through intense heat, it is of a higher density compared to its counterpart: marble in Michigan. The density of granite ranges from between 2.65 to 2.75 g/cm3. The average density of marble is 2.5 g/cm3. This automatically implies that granite is harder than marble and hence the former would be preferable in tougher conditions. Marble on the other hand is most suitable in a gentler environment as it scratches more easily and is less resistant to chemical substances such as acids – unlike granite. Not to underestimate its strength though, marble is also hard and would resist a relatively high amount of impact.


Whether one is more elegant or good looking than the other is arguable. Both granite and marble in Michigan are beautiful going by their popularity among homeowners. They are however not similar in appearance. Marble in Michigan has finer crystals with a wider range of colours. It tends to have a snowy appearance. Granite in Michigan on the other hand has a narrower colour range with bigger crystals. This makes it coarser and gives it a glinting look.


As alluded earlier, granite in Michigan is of a higher density than marble in Michigan. This influences the durability of the two stones with the former being generally regarded as more durable. However if marble countertops in Michigan are properly sealed and placed in less cumbersome environments, they can last as long as granite.


In as much as both marble and granite in Michigan can be used for similar purposes, their unique qualities make them favourites in different uses. For example, white marble is popularly used by sculptors in the design of fine pieces of artwork. This is because it is relatively soft making allowance for carving. Granite is second only to diamond concerning hardness; hence sculpturing using this stone was near impossible until the invention of steam power cutting which opened the door to the carving of gravestones and memorials. Granite is a clear favourite in the making of kitchen granite countertops in Michigan.

About the Author: Andy Applewhite is the author of this article on Marble Countertops in Michigan. Find more information, about Granite Countertops in Michigan hereVisit

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